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  • High Quality Products: Exclusive access to the world's highest efficiency solar panels featuring SunPower® Maxeon® cell technology
  • Experience You Can Trust: As a company with over 35 years of dedicated solar experience, SunPower is an industry leader in solar sustainability and social responsibility
  • 25 -Year Warranty: All-in-one residential solutions backed by personal customer service and the industry's most comprehensive warranty

SunTegra Solar Shingles LogoA Better Look for Colorado Solar!

Colorado Solar shingle installation in Denver

We believe that every home should utilize solar energy, it’s the way of the future!

But we understand that, though technology has improved, the aesthetic appeal has remained relatively unchanged and unappealing. That’s why we at Capitol Roofing are excited to tell you…There is another option!

For the last 6 years, Suntegra Solar has been perfecting its solar shingle. Installation is available for asphalt shingle and tile roofing, and we are now a certified vendor and installer for complete solar panel systems!

Benefits of Colorado Solar Shingles over a rack-mounted (standard) solar panel system:

  • Curb appeal: Solar no longer has to look like an afterthought! The low profile design of the solar panel (aka solar shingle) blends with the roofline for a cleaner install and a more modern appearance.
  • High performance: Power output is better than or equal to any other available systems.
  • One-stop-shop: Capitol Roofing and Solar has been factory trained by Suntegra Solar, ensuring proper installation. Our electrician then finalizes the “roof down” connections, inverter installation, and all associated hardware to have your system up and running in record time! Lastly, after final approvals, it's Power On!
  • Superior Technology: Real-time system monitoring and remote technical support.
  • 25-Year Warranty: In addition to the standard 5-year workmanship warranty through Capitol Roofing, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the system is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.
  • Financing: Leasing solar panels can present numerous problems, that’s why we offer easy financing with numerous payment options and low-interest rates. Keep control of your solar panel system as the owner!
Colorado Solar shingles after, SunTegra

SunTegra Solar Shingles Logo

  • Roof Integration: An integrated design provides added roof savings because a SunTegra system IS the roof – no need to pay extra for roofing material under the solar system and no need to pay to remove and replace panels when time to reroof your home.
  • Clean, Green Energy: Using proven, high-efficiency solar cells and an innovative ventilation system, Suntegra ensures premium clean, green solar electricity production.
  • Increased Home Resale Value: Research shows that home buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes with solar. With SunTegra, homeowners get the security of having a solar system that preserves curb appeal, helping maximize resale value.